Make the world’s business your business

On Platform Equinix™, Chinese companies can reach everywhere, interconnect everyone and integrate everything—and you can do it while reducing the cost and management of setting up a global infrastructure.

We connect directly into the business ecosystems that already support high-performance architectures for cloud services, gaming, e-commerce, financial institutions and other industries.

Do it all with our partners

Equinix partners bring leading-edge technologies that enrich a global ecosystem of more than 2,750 cloud and information technology service providers.

Partners include industry-leading cloud service providers such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services and Oracle Cloud, and because Equinix is carrier-neutral, you get to choose from telecommunications companies such as Verizon and Telefonica.

In China, our data centers are operated through partners. There are currently four data centers in Shanghai, with a fifth scheduled to open in mid-2018.


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