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Home of the Interconnected Cloud™

Connection is vital to the success of any cloud strategy. But we know one-to-one connection is not enough; the industry needs interconnection—the ability for leading service providers and businesses to come together and connect in many locations in a variety of ways.

Equinix Interconnection

Benefits for Cloud Service Providers

As the global interconnection platform for the world's leading businesses, Equinix has become the home of the interconnected cloud, a place where businesses and leading cloud service providers around the world come together and securely connect in many locations in a variety of ways to accelerate their cloud visions.

For cloud service providers, we offer the unmatched global data centers, advanced interconnection solutions, established ecosystems and world-class partner and channel programs needed to achieve differentiation, exceptional delivery and growth.

Equinix Interconnection

Benefits for Enterprises

And for enterprises, we offer access to 2,500+ cloud service providers—more than anyone. And we host 1,600+ network service providers to help enterprises build private, public or hybrid clouds. Equinix offers direct connections to the industry's leading cloud service providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cisco, Google, IBM and Microsoft. These companies are building their infrastructure into our data centers and telling their customers to "Meet me at Equinix." Direct connections to multiple clouds are available through cross connects, Ethernet service and Equinix Cloud Exchange™. Direct connections boast higher performance and they bypass the public Internet with its potential bottlenecks and security concerns.

Equinix Cloud Exchange takes cloud interconnection to a different level by offering direct, instant, and simultaneous connection to multiple clouds from a single port. This one-to-many or many-to-many interconnection enables our customers to scale to exactly the cloud they need, whenever they need it. It's the kind of interconnection that expands what's possible and leads to business opportunities that might otherwise get missed.

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