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Equinix is the home of the interconnected cloud. Our Platform Equinix™ data centers and Equinix Cloud Exchange™ enable you to bypass the Internet and rapidly deploy and scale cloud computing services on demand, including migrating your content delivery systems infrastructure to a hybrid cloud.


Connect to cloud services that will expand your content delivery systems’ reach.

You can establish core content delivery system (CDS) services on a hybrid cloud platform ‐ which links with remote cloud services such as asset management, storage, video editing, encoding and transcoding ‐ for added capabilities. Equinix enables you to build a virtualized broadcast infrastructure housed in a secure data center, giving you direct links to public cloud services to meet increasing demand.

With Equinix, content delivery systems companies can:

  • Access cloud-enabled content delivery systems partners, such as AWS, Cloudfront, and 2,500+ other cloud services within the same data center.
  • Find and interconnect to new partners, such as Hulu, Foursquare and Front Porch Digital, to swiftly develop and create cloud environments that enable new products and services.
  • Simplify managing connections to multiple cloud services with automated cloud connection provisioning.
  • Locate your cloud-based content and media delivery platform closer to your partners and customers, and increase end-to-end content delivery efficiency and speed.
  • Create a hybrid cloud environment to provide a secure and reliable content and media archiving infrastructure for business continuity/disaster recovery.

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