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AT&T Tech Sales Toolkit

Equinix is your partner to the cloud-enabled enterprise network marketplace. We help you and your customers build solutions to address their compute, storage, and security needs when migrating to the cloud. Here you will find sales tools, value propositions, presentations, recorded webinars and other information to help you understand the program and close the sale.

That's where AT&T NetBond℠ comes in. Now you can get unprecedented enterprise levels of network security, performance and flexibility via a powerful cloud networking solution.


AT&T Resell Partnership

AT&T and Equinix formed a partnership in January 2014 to a expand AT&T's colocation capabilities globally, enable access to cloud service providers, create unique global solutions, and much more.

AT&T NetBond embedded into select IBX® data centers

This solution provides enterprise customers with fast and highly secure direct connections to cloud solution providers and business applications that bypass many of the reliability, security and latency issues associated with the public Internet.

  • Lower latency and greater availability over cloud connectivity that takes place through traditional Internet connections—up to 50% lower latency and 3x availability according to AT&T NetBond
  • On-demand resource scaling and provisioning that increases network performance bursts
  • Savings on the networking costs to connect to cloud providers
  • Improvements to their connections to the world's top business markets within 10 milliseconds

Equinix, where innovation happens

Equinix is the home to thousands of companies in dozens of industries, proving we provide far more than colocation and power. We provide the power of connection and help you, and your customers, build solutions to address their compute, storage, and security needs when migrating to the cloud.

What Equinix provides for AT&T

  • Expanded Global Reach—Equinix is the largest retail colocation provider in the world with 180+ IBX® data centers in 44 strategic global markets.
  • AT&T can design more complete solutions with the enablement of innovative solutions leveraging Equinix's interconnection capabilities including access to 9,500+ global customers including 2,500+ cloud and SaaS providers.
  • Improve latency and application performance and design cloud solutions nobody else can to initiate demand creation and eliminate commoditization providing service turn-up in minutes/days rather than months
  • Team with Equinix. AT&T has presence in 8 US metros in 32 IBX data centers where Partners can showcase Equinix facilities as their own including tours, demos and conference rooms.

Need more information or help?

Whether you have a general question or need specific product information, feel free to contact us. The Equinix Alliance Team will find the answers you need in a timely manner.

Registering a resell opportunity

Equinix will support you on the deal to qualify, position, price and propel AT&T to wins. (Pricing parity provided if Equinix sales already engaged in a deal)

  • Send email to EQX-DealReg@equinix.com
  • Attach Deal Summary Form
  • Confirmation returned within 48 hours
  • Work with Equinix Regional Support Resources as needed

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