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Performance Hub E-Book

Looking to accelerate your business? Network performance is the key, but what’s the best approach? This eBook examines the current state of enterprise networking and what the future demands will look like. You’ll also learn valuable tips and trends, and discover how Equinix Performance Hub™ can take your network to the next level, seamlessly and effortlessly.


  • Find out why understanding key enterprise trends is vital to future business success.
  • Learn how network band-aids simply won’t work with ever-increasing traffic loads.
  • Discover how Performance Hub gives your entire network a giant boost in performance by simplifying your Wide Area Network (WAN) and more
  • Plus, learn how Performance Hub empowers your enterprise with cloud-readiness, simplified disaster recovery, improved QoE and maximum carrier choice.

It’s no secret that tapping into the hybrid cloud is becoming less of a choice and more of an imperative for bustling enterprises—and for good reason. That’s where Performance Hub comes in.

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