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Equinix GSAs in Asia-Pacific are veteran consultants with expertise in optimizing IT for enterprises looking to meet growing digital demands. Our video series features Global Solutions Architects sharing their insights about how to accelerate your digital transformation through Equinix’s Interconnection Oriented Architecture™ (IOA®).

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  • Global Solution Architects in Asia

    Hisham Muhammad is the leader of Equinix’s Global Solutions Architects team in Asia-Pacific. He discusses how digital disruption has enabled a range of new competitors for the enterprise, making it critical for businesses to develop sound cloud strategies that help them stay agile without overinvesting. Hisham talks about how he and his team help customers take an interconnection-first approach that allows them extend the right services to the right users in the right markets worldwide.

  • Global Solution Architects in Asia

    Tamas Horvath is a senior global solutions architect at Equinix Sydney who partners with enterprises and cloud service providers to design and implement multi-cloud strategies.

    He tells us about an Australian market that has moved past its emphasis on public cloud and is focused today on transformation to a consumption-based IT model. Tamas discusses how he and his team work with customers to build the hybrid IT infrastructures that make this possible.

  • Global Solution Architects in Asia

    Kelvin Cheung is a Global Solutions Architect with Equinix in Hong Kong who has worked extensively with globally-minded Chinese companies. He says Chinese firms are accustomed to a limited choice of network or internet service providers, but that changes at Equinix. Kelvin explains how Equinix’s network neutrality means its customers get access to a wide variety of products and services, as well as internet peering opportunities at bandwidth costs a fraction of what they pay in China.

  • Global Solution Architects Daniel Ho

    Daniel Ho is a Global Solutions Architect with Equinix in Singapore and an expert in the content and digital media space. He discusses how the insatiable appetite for content is putting pressure on media companies, who must quickly move complex media files between global markets to meet production demands. Daniel describes how an Interconnection Oriented Architecture strategy helps companies get closer to their digital supply chains, so they can quickly and securely transfer content wherever it’s needed.

  • Global Solutions Architect Hari Srinivasan

    Hari Srinivasan is a network and cloud optimization expert who works as a Global Solutions Architect for Equinix in Singapore. Hari talks about the dilemma companies face trying to control costs while continuously working to improve the user experience. Many turn to public cloud, but without the right network strategy, cost benefits are elusive. Hari explains that Platform Equinix hosts numerous service providers ready to partner with the enterprise to ensure the cloud is high-performing and cost-efficient.

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