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N-Series Cloud

Our N-Series service is an on-demand, managed public cloud service. Using a hybrid cloud connection to the Equinix private cloud or on-premises, we can construct and operate a secure, cost-effective and flexible infrastructure environment. You can also unify contracts and billing with your other Equinix services.

Equinix Managed Services - N-Series Features

With the Equinix interconnection service, you can internally connect with the physical environment.


Advanced Hybrid Connectivity

By combining Equinix solutions in a managed hybrid cloud environment, you can concentrate on your core business rather than operating a demanding IT infrastructure.

Daily / Monthly Plans

You can choose the most cost-effective price plan based on usage. No introductory charges, no CAPEX investment needed.

High-performance, high-quality, 99.99% availability

We guarantee a server utilization rate of more than 99.99% per month. If other customers are using resources, they are automatically reallocated.

Hybrid Cloud Connection

Equinix’s interconnection services let you connect to diverse ecosystems of cloud service providers and networks, making it easy to construct a hybrid connection between your private cloud, public cloud and colocation. We can even optimize the configuration based on your requirements.

ECX with N-Series

Sample Deployment Costs

As of July 2017

Medium-size web system plus disaster recovery site

Building a multi-region disaster recovery site between Tokyo and Osaka


Monthly total expenses (excluding tax)

Small-scale web system

Separating web and database servers to enable flexible response to traffic surge


Monthly total expenses (excluding tax)

Small-scale web system plus engineering parts (PaaS)

Utilizing engineering parts to automate infrastructure operation and management


Monthly total expenses (excluding tax)

Setting up N-Series

  1. Input your information
    Complete the “N-Series Managed Cloud Service powered by NIFTY Cloud” application form, agree to the terms and conditions, and email the completed form to APAC-JP-ncloud-order@ap.equinix.com.
  2. Receive your N-Series ID
    We will send you an acceptance notice with your N-Series ID (@nifty ID) to the applicant’s email address provided in the application form.
  3. Start using N-Series
    Log into the N-Series Control Panel with your N-Series ID (@nifty ID) and start enjoying the service. You can also order additional services via the Control Panel.

Please note that the @nifty ID issued by Equinix can only be used with N-Series service. It cannot be used with cloud services provided by Fujitsu Cloud Technologies, Inc. (formerly NIFTY Corporation).

For more information on NIFTY Cloud, please download the NIFTY Cloud Introduction Documents.

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*These services are only available in Japan.

Learn more about Managed Services.

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