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Hybrid Cloud Architecture

The Equinix Professional Services team has developed many reference designs for hybrid cloud computing. Two are shown here, based on Equinix Performance Hub™ solutions. The first depicts a direct connection tying an extension node of a customer's enterprise network to public cloud services within Equinix. The second depicts tethering private and public clouds within Equinix. Both deployment scenarios have been tested and refined in Equinix Solution Validation Centers™ (SVC).

Private Access to Public Clouds

A simple, common type of hybrid cloud deployment establishes private access to public cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cisco’s Intercloud technologies, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure through extension nodes of customers’ enterprise networks in Equinix data centers.


To tie data services back to corporate data centers—essential for data synchronization and backup—the IBX facility is tethered to corporate and branch offices via Metro-Ethernet or other high-speed local loop lines. Metro-Ethernet usually provides higher, more consistent data throughput rates than IP networks.


Direct Links to Private and Public Clouds

Companies with application services running in both private and public clouds can unify those services with a secure, private, connection within Equinix. They can also use their data center infrastructure within Equinix to tie in their offices in the region. The reference diagram depicts integrating private and public clouds within Equinix for a versatile hybrid cloud environment. Linking private and public cloud services together in the same data center facility enables all services to operate as though they're on the same local area network, facilitating data exchange and simplifying application orchestration processes.


Global Professional Services

For additional reference designs or to engage our solutions architects in developing a customized deployment, please contact the Equinix Professional Services team.

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