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Did Equinix acquire Verizon’s managed services business within these facilities?

No. Verizon will continue running its managed services business and will utilize Equinix for colocation. In addition to the purchase agreement, Verizon and Equinix will enter into expanded colocation and lease agreements covering Verizon’s continued use of the facilities as a customer of Equinix.

What Equinix colocation products are offered in Verizon data centers?

Only Equinix-defined products will be offered to new customers or to existing Verizon customers who have been assigned to Equinix and want a new footprint. Those products include:

  • Private Cage w/kVA-Based Power
  • Private Cage w/Circuit-Based Power
  • Secure Cabinet w/kVA-Based Power
  • Secure Cabinet w/Circuit-Based Power
  • IBX Flex
    • Office
    • Storage
  • IBX Space Reservation

What will Verizon products and services be called at Equinix?

To understand how Equinix will reference Verizon products and services, refer to the product-mapping guide below. For updates on product availability by IBX data center, please contact welcome@equinix.com or your Sales Representative.

Verizon Product Name Equinix Product Name
Access Control BMR Access Control
Antenna Antenna
Cabinet Space Secure Cabinet
Cage Space Private Cage
Cross Connect Cross Connect
Custom Parts & Labor Equinix Infrastructure Services (Custom Parts & Labor)
Demand Commit AC Power OR DC Power
Environmental Cooling Premium Cooling Premium
Home Run Intra-Customer Cross Connect
Intra-Facility Cable Intra-Facility Cable
Innerduct Innerduct
Mux/De-Mux Services Not Available
Network Timing Network Timing (BITS Clocking)
Peering Equinix Internet Exchange
Peering VLAN Private VLAN
Power AC Circuit
Power Distribution Custom Parts & Labor
Power (DC) 48vDC Various Amperages (A&B) DC Circuit
Power (DC) 48vDC Various Amperages (A) N/A unless required
Private Suite Not Available
Receiving and Storing Goods IBXFlex-Storage
Remote Hands Remote Hands is included in Smart Hands tasks
Remote Hands Support Plan Smart Hands Support Plan
SecurityPlus Not Available
Shared Office Space Business Continuity Trading Room (BCTR)
Smart Hands Smart Hands
Smart Hands Support Plan Smart Hands Support Plan
Video Surveillance Camera

Verizon offered a muxing and de-muxing service. Does Equinix support new orders of this service?

No. Equinix will not support new orders on this service; Equinix will grandfather in existing muxing/de-muxing services.

Will Equinix sell the Verizon Remote Hands and/or Verizon Smart Hands services?

Existing customers in Verizon data centers will be covered under the current Verizon Remote Hands/Smart Hands services and SLAs/SLOs. In addition, the Equinix 24-hour SLO will apply.

On-demand customers can expect a two-hour ticket acknowledgement during business hours, and a four-hour ticket acknowledgement after business hours. Verizon Smart Hands or Remote Hands subscription customers can expect a 30-minute response time SLA.

  • In IBX data centers with 24/7 security, requests will be handled within 24 clock hours
  • In IBX data centers without 24/7 security, requests will be handled within 24 business hours

New customers and/or cages will be covered by the standard Equinix Smart Hands product.

What is Equinix Infrastructure Services (EIS)?

Equinix Infrastructure Services provides customers with a one-stop shop for data center installation, migration and equipment procurement. Available services include specialized design, installation, structured cabling, equipment resale and project management. Learn more about EIS »

Will EIS, including custom parts and labor, be available in Verizon data centers? Will current EIS vendors be available as well?

Both are available in the former Verizon data centers.

Are antenna services available at Verizon data centers?

Antenna services will be available only at certain Verizon data centers. Contact welcome@equinix.com for the latest on availability.

Will network-timing services be available at Verizon data centers?

Please contact welcome@equinix.com for the latest on availability for network-timing services at Verizon data centers.

What alternative IP transit providers are available in MI1?

You can connect to over 80 alternative providers at our MI1 IBX data center. A list of alternative providers is provided below.

Please note, you will be required to engage these providers directly to secure your IP Transit service.

  • Allied Fiber
  • Antel
  • AT&T
  • Azultel
  • Bahamas Telecommunications
  • Bantel International Corporation
  • Belgacom North America ICS
  • Belize Telecommunications
  • Bestel
  • Boliviatel
  • British Telecom BT LatAm
  • BroadbandOne
  • Cable & Wireless Americas
  • Cable & Wireless Americas - (EWC) - LIME
  • Cable Onda
  • CAF (Corporación Andina de Fomento)
  • Centennial Florida Switch
  • Centurylink (Qwest/Savvis)
  • China Telecom
  • China Unicom
  • Clear Wireless
  • CNT EP (Corporacion National de Telecommunicaciones)
  • Cogent Communications
  • Columbus Networks
  • Comcast Cable
  • Compañia Dominicana de Telefonos (CODETEL)
  • Conecel
  • EarthLink Business
  • Emerging Markets Panama
  • Equant (France Telecom)
  • EuroTransit
  • FiberLight
  • Florida LambdaRail
  • FPL FiberNet
  • Global Telecom & Technology (GTT)
  • GlobeNet
  • Hotwire Business Solutions
  • Hurricane Electric
  • Init7
  • Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE)
  • InterNAP
  • IPTP
  • KPN
  • Latam Telecommunications
  • Latin America Nautilus (LAN/Sparkle/ Seabone)
  • LDTeleCom
  • Level 3 Communications
  • Metrored Mexico
  • Millicom Americas
  • Mossel Jamaica Limited (DIGICEL)
  • Navega
  • NewCom Limited
  • NTT
  • Oi Movil
  • Open Telecom
  • Orange Dominicana
  • PCCW Global
  • PREPA Networks
  • Radianz Americas (BT)
  • Sago Networks
  • San Juan Cable
  • Sling Broadband
  • Smitcoms Dominicana
  • Sprint Communications
  • Sunrise/TDC Switzerland
  • Swisscom
  • Tata Communications
  • TeleBarbados
  • TeleBermuda International
  • Telecom Columbia USA
  • Telecommunications
  • Telefónica International Wholesale Services (TIWS)
  • Telekom Malaysia
  • TeleSUR
  • TeliaSonera International Carrier
  • Telmex USA
  • Terra Networks
  • Three Sixty Communications Limited
  • Time Warner Cable
  • Trilogy Dominicana
  • TW Telecom
  • Verizon Business
  • Wind
  • Windstream
  • XO Communications
  • XTEC
  • Yak Communications
  • Zayo (AboveNet)

I have purchased a bundle that includes colocation and Verizon Managed Router Service (MRS). Where do I go for customer support related to this bundle with Verizon Managed Router Service (MRS)?

Following the closure of Verizon’s co-location, cloud and managed hosting, Verizon support for retained Managed Router Service (MRS) will continue to be performed by the Verizon service and network operation centers. Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Customers can request support by email to our service center (servicecenter@verizon.com). During an emergency the Verizon network operation center (NOC) can be reached by telephone at +1 305-328-8000 for immediate resolution.

While Verizon will continue to fulfill the Managed Router Service, you may need to reach out to the Equinix Global Service Desk (GSD) or your Equinix Customer Success Manager (CSM) to initiate support requests for Equinix-related issues.

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